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What kind of barbecue equipment is good?

Charcoal grill、Advantage
1. Charcoal fire heats the fire fiercely and raises the temperature quickly;
2. Strong carbon aroma, good taste and more delicious.
1. It is necessary to generate carbon in the stove in advance, and customers can take the charcoal that has burned to 40-50% directly to the table after arriving at the store; the residual carbon recycling rate is low.
2. It is necessary to match the carbon storage room, the point carbon room, and the point carbon room with ventilation. Note that the flue gas should be discharged after treatment ~
3. Equipped with carbon stove / carbon stove, charcoal basin, carbon box, carbon clip, baking tray, baking tray box and other accessories
Electric roast
1. Environmentally-friendly and healthy oil fume is small, easy to control evenly heated.
2, with open and use, passenger walk and close, flexible and convenient.
1. The heating is slow, it needs to be preheated 4-5 minutes in advance.
2. Ancillary equipment: baking trays, ravioli baking tray boxes
Self-smoke oven
It can eliminate 70-80% of the smoke, but it needs to be well ventilated in the store, it is best to install an exhaust fan. It can save time and cost for pipeline installation and later pipeline maintenance and cleaning.
Upper smoke oven
The upper exhaust pipe can eliminate 80% of the smoke, but the upper exhaust pipe is affected by the store floor height. If the floor height is insufficient, installing the pipe will suppress the interior environment of the store. Moreover, there are many pipes, which will appear cluttered in the store and affect the beauty. The smoke exhaust effect is easily affected by the surrounding airflow, and the customer's movement and wind direction will affect the smoke entering the pipe. In addition, the accumulated oil may drip onto the customer's food accidentally, so it needs to be cleaned regularly. Removing the exhaust pipe also requires the installation of a fan and an outdoor purifier.
Lower smoke oven
The installation of the lower exhaust pipe can eliminate 90% of the flue gas, but the flue needs to be designed in advance, the direction of the main pipe (dig down or raise the ground), and the oven placed in the store is far away from the main pipe. Increase suction. Remove fans and install fans and purifiers. The lower smoke exhaust pipes also need to be cleaned. Excessive accumulation of oil pollution may cause danger, and it is very troublesome to clean up, and may need to be closed for cleaning.

What to do if the cup sealing machine can't seal a little

The first step is to wear adhesive film
To get the film, confirm the winding direction of the film, find the counterclockwise direction, and put it on the film rod to fix it. (Please turn off the power when wearing the adhesive film.) Pay attention to whether the front and rear fixing splints of the adhesive film are tightly combined with the adhesive film.
After putting on the adhesive film, stick the adhesive film firmly on the receiving paper tube with adhesive tape.
The second step, sealing operation steps (panel operation instructions)
Turn on the power, turn on the power switch, the indicator light is on, set the temperature controller to a predetermined temperature, and the green heating indicator light is on. When the upper hot plate reaches the predetermined temperature, the red constant temperature indicator light is on (the electric heating device alternates between heating and holding state when the sealing machine is working, so the green and red indicator lights are constantly displayed alternately, which is normal).
Put the plastic cup into the lower mold slide, and push the lower mold slide into the determined position by hand (if it is a fully automatic sealing machine or automatic sealing machine, after placing the plastic cup, the lower mold slide will automatically enter), press down The handle of the sealing machine reaches the maximum stroke. Hold the pressure for 1-2 seconds, then slowly raise the handle and push it to the original position.
Pull out the lower mold slide, take out the plastic cup, put in the final sealing plastic cup, and perform another cycle
Cup sealing machine
Cup sealing machine is a device that can seal the container mouth, suitable for the production of a variety of products such as yogurt, milk, soy milk, juice drinks, seasonings, jams, etc., with automatic cup dropping, filling, sterilization, photoelectric tracking, sealing (Cover), automatic core cutting, waste film recycling and other functions. The machine has a high degree of automation, good sealing strength, reasonable structure and high production efficiency. It is suitable for various imported and domestic aluminum-plastic, pp, pe, cpp and other composite roll packaging sealing materials. Made of full stainless steel, the rest is made of aluminum alloy, with high mechanical beauty, stable operation and truly durable requirements.

How to make a chocolate fountain

Milk Chocolate 250g
Dark Chocolate 200g
The practice of chocolate fountain:
Put 50 grams of milk chocolate first, then beat dark chocolate and put 50 grams in a melted chocolate pot
After melting it, beat milk chocolate and dark chocolate. If the parties do n’t take a hundred grams, be sure to take down the story. Use its Chinese version. After two hundred grams of chocolate have melted, use the soft and bad language behind it. Two hundred grams of chocolate
After melting, I can put it on the container of the chocolate fountain and then add the fruit I like, marshmallow and the like.

Semi-automatic or fully automatic? How to choose "espresso coffee machine"

More qualified espresso?
Good for regular customers and baristas;
And for people who do n’t drink much coffee,
The finish of the espresso is not uncomfortable and it is qualified.
Unqualified espresso,
Whether it's a barista or an infrequent customer,
After drinking, it feels sour or bitter.
Part 1 semi-automatic coffee machine
An espresso machine is a machine for making espresso espresso and fancy coffee such as latte made with espresso and milk. There are semi-automatic espresso machines and fully automatic espresso machines on the market.
Process and principle of making espresso by semi-automatic coffee machine:
1) First use a grinder to grind coffee beans into powder;
2) Pick powder with the brewing handle;
3) Then use a powder hammer to flatten the coffee powder into a compact (convenient for uniform extraction);
4) Install the brewing handle on the brewing head;
5) Then, hot water of suitable water temperature (88-95 ° C) is passed through the coffee powder at a pressure of 9 atmospheres (that is, 9 bar) for 20-30 seconds to extract espresso.
If you want to make latte or cappuccino, you also need to use the steam bar of the coffee machine to pour the high-temperature steam into the milk to heat the milk and form a dense layer of milk foam. Milk and milk foam can be mixed.
Part 2 fully automatic coffee machine
A fully automatic coffee machine is a machine that can achieve from the grinding of coffee beans to the extraction of espresso or even latte with the push of a button.
Miele Built-in Coffee Machine
In addition, there is also a capsule coffee machine for making espresso coffee. The principle is to grind coffee beans into powder in advance, and then press the powder into capsules. In this way, the process of grinding and powdering is not required. However, after the coffee beans are ground into powder, there is only a fresh period of ten minutes. This capsule coffee machine is not suitable for people who have more pursuit of coffee.
There are many styles of espresso coffee brands on the market, and the prices are very different.
It's hard to buy your favorite coffee machine for a reasonable price.
So the author hopes that this shopping strategy that relies on many years of industry experience integration can be helpful to coffee fans.

How to use soymilk

Nowadays, many families buy a soymilk maker for the convenience of drinking soymilk. So, how to use the soymilk maker? The following describes the related usage.
First soak the beans, prepare the dried beans according to the capacity of the 2/3 tick mark, wash enough beans with water, and soak in the water. Generally, soak for 8-16 hours in spring and autumn, and 6-10 in summer. Hours, 10-16 hours in winter. If you want to soak the beans better, you can choose to soak them in warm water.
Then use the soymilk cup body to add beans to the 2/3 scale of the bean measuring cup, add water to the cup body, and add water to the upper and lower water levels. Install the Lafar net or grain refiner, and install it in the direction of the indicated arrow. Remember to make the mouth of the Lafar net and the head match seamlessly. Then put the machine head in the correct position, plug in the power cord, when the power indicator light is on, it means that the power has been turned on, and then press the start button to start the process of making soy milk. When soy milk is beaten, there will be a beep. After soymilk is washed, the soymilk machine should be cleaned in time, and the soymilk adhered to the machine head should be rinsed with water gently. Use a cleaning brush to carefully clean the Rafael net. Be sure to rinse the Rafael net.
The use of soymilk machines includes soaking the beans with the soymilk machine, making soymilk, and cleaning the soymilk. The specific methods are as described above. Of course, after cleaning, the soymilk machine should be placed in a dry and ventilated place.
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